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Enhanced IT provides a full range of VoIP phones to suit every task and budget. If you are looking for a SIP-based VoIP phone, whether it be for an open source or proprietary system, we've got it. We provide phones from all major manufacturers including Cisco, NEC, Netgear, Panasonic, Snom and Yealink, to mention a few.

Utilising cloud technology such as VoIP allows you and your companies telecommunications to be completely flexible. Our specialist team work with you to choose from over 100 features to provide the very best solution for your business. You can be contacted wherever you are, all of your devices connected to a single number so you can be productive absolutely anywhere, whether in the office, on the road, you'll never miss a call!


Advantages to a VoIP phone system

There are so many advantages to a VoIP phone system that it seems meaningless not to consider it when looking to upgrade or for a new business telephone system.

Unify all communications to offer your business a feature-rich, scalable and affordable system that meets all your internal and external communication needs. We can tailor our solutions to incorporate essential communication mediums that streamline business communications, having the ability for voicemail, call menu options and inter-department intercom facilities.

Feature Packed

No minimum handsets, 100s of programmable features such as on hold messages, out of hours, seamless call diverts and you can even take calls wherever you want.

Take Calls Anywhere

VoIP allows you to receive and accept calls from a wide range of devices. Great for small businesses that may not have someone on hand to answer the phone all day.

Low Running Costs

The initial set up is extremely competitive and the maintenance costs of VoIP systems are far less than that of traditional business telephone systems.