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Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection software like Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection, Lumension Endpoint Protection and Checkpoint Endpoint Protection can be used to protect your network endpoints like servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices from potential threats. Threats can include viruses, spyware, firewall / network breach, access to important unencrypted data, hacking / intrusion to endpoints or the network, and abuse of network resources.

Given the opportunity, people that uses these various intrusion strategies may steal confidential data that they can use to blackmail you or sell. They may steal and use your banking details. They may attempt to bring down your network for no personal gain whatsoever. An accumulation of viruses could slow down your systems or bring them down completely.

Endpoint Protection

The Benefits of Our Endpoint Protection Service

Enhanced IT Solutions can identify, install and constantly update the best Endpoint Solution for your business. They can also use monitoring software to actively monitor your network for threats and respond to those threats. 24 / 7 remote monitoring solutions can make Enhanced IT aware of a threat as soon as it occurs. Endpoint Protection uses a combination of technologies to protect your network endpoints including firewall, intrusion protection, file encryption, antivirus, anti-spyware and monitoring tools.

What Enhanced IT Solutions Can Do For You

We will be able to monitor your network and respond immediately to threats. Confidential data stored on devices can be encrypted to prevent east access. Firewall and Intrusion Protection can prevent unwanted access to your network. Network access can be restricted to allow limited access to employees, to prevent giving them unnecessary access and control over sensitive data and important parts of your network.

The correct Endpoint protection solution means security technologies can be managed and updated centrally instead of on each device manually. We can use this to save your business a lot of time.

The right solution will provide complete endpoint protection without using excessive system resources. Smarter security scans means they can be performed less often and advance memory management can minimise the impact on your machines. Complete protection solutions also include device control, security for email servers, mac protection, security for web browsing and virus scans for Windows, Linux and file storage servers. Multiple layers of protection can be used to protect against malware including url detection and application behaviour monitoring.

Dangers of Not Having Protection

There are many potential dangers for not having this protection in place for your business. Businesses are a big target for hackers and criminals. A lack of protection makes it easier for someone to steal confidential data they could use against you. Failure to take steps to protect personal data could leave your company in breach of the data protection act. Intruders could also damage your network, steel and spam your contacts in your name, redirect your website to advertise their own dubious products or infect your website with malware that will be passed on to customers who visit you site.