Server Installation, Maintenance and Support Services

Enhanced IT Solutions are your one stop shop for Servers.

Servers are a vital part of your business network. They have many important functions including email, file storage, back up, managing network devices like printers, and enabling staff to collaborate. We treat them like such and provide professional care and expertise when it comes to installing and managing your servers.

We can help you identify your server needs and supply you with the latest Server hardware at competitive prices. We can install your servers and we can supply ongoing server support and maintenance.



We can source servers from top of the range suppliers or custom build servers that are designed for your business needs. Whether your needs be data back up, virtual desktops or running industry-specific applications we can source the ideal server for you. From small compact servers under £350 to Server Racks that house many blade servers.

Server Installation

We can physically install the server solution that meets your business needs. This may include designing the layout of your server room or data centre as well as setting up the servers and linking them to your network, installing all the necessary software and configuring settings to get them operational.

Server Maintenance and Support

Enhanced IT Solutions can supply the level of server maintenance and support that you need. We can remotely monitor your server to detect potential problems like overheating. We can ensure it is protected from intrusion and viruses. We make sure the operating system and protection software are kept up to date to ensure protection form the latest threats.

Our ongoing server support packages mean you can call us whenever you need help or are planning on making changes to your server.

As part of our ongoing server support and maintenance we will respond to server failure promptly. Fixing and replacing components as required to get your server up and running again as quickly as possible. We can restore all of your backed up data and software to allow you to get back to business as usual in the minimum possible time.