Office 365 Backup

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Office 365 Backup and Recovery

If you’re using Office 365, it’s important to know that Microsoft does not back up and recover Office 365 emails. Once mail items are deleted or changed in Office 365, they stay that way. This means that your users can accidentally or intentionally delete important emails – for good! As a result of this information loss, your team is unable to use email as evidence, or to look up the specifics of a project – causing costly disruption and downtime.

You also have no central storage of all your company’s email, making it painful to keep track of your organization’s communications or find what you need. But don’t worry: We can help you avoid this immense risk!

Enhanced IT provide Office 365 backup and recovery services which save you from worry and hassle — all for an unbeatable monthly fee per mailbox, per month, with no upfront costs.

Office 365 Backup and Recovery

Backup Office 365 Exchange Online

Backup Microsoft Exchange Online emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, group mailboxes, archive mailboxes and calendar. Easily and quickly recover all the data you need – including the ability to preview email content, download email attachments or send email right from the backup. 

Backup Office 365 OneDrive for Business

Backup files and folders for Microsoft OneDrive for Business and flexibly recover all necessary data, including access permissions. To further streamline the recovery process, you can download files right from the backup and use it immediately.

Why use Enhanced IT for 365 Backup

Convenient Backup

Enjoy simplified configuration and maintenance of the solution, with no need for agent-install on local premises. Enhanced IT 365 Cloud runs in the secure Cloud.

Restore in Seconds

Avoid downtime and ensure business continuity by recovering in seconds. Backup and restore required pieces of data such as emails, files, websites, contacts, attachments and more.

Quick backup search

Ensure access to your backed up data. Search for specific Office 365 items and use them immediately, before recovering. Download the critical file or attachment, or send the email right from the backup.