Hosted Exchange Servers

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Hosted Exchange Servers

Enhanced IT Solutions can set up and securely host Microsoft Exchange for your business. We can help you manage Exchange on an ongoing basis and can migrate all of your existing emails to Exchange if required.

We provide Hosted Exchange servers that are hosted in secure data centres designed to maximise server uptime without interruption. Your Hosted Exchange Server will be set up to ensure emails are transmitted securely using SSL encryption.

Hosted Exchange Servers

What are the benefits of Hosted Exchange Servers?

Hosted Exchange Servers give you the full power of Microsoft Exchange without the worry of:

  • upfront cost of paying for servers
  • managing, replacing, and upgrading hardware
  • anti virus and anti spamware protection
  • electricity cost of running a server
  • server storage, server cabling and reliable internet access for your server
  • Renewing Exchange licences
  • onsite fire, theft, internet loss or electrical problems that might effect your server, cause email loss and an inability to receive emails

With a Hosted Exchange server you can have:

  • professional emails from your own domain name
  • Easy sharing and management of calendars, tasks and contacts
  • Mobile access across many devices to your emails, calendars, tasks and contacts
  • Easy set up and manage multiple mailboxes

Outlook Web Apps

Outlook Web Apps will give you access to your emails across a range of mobile devices in a way that looks and feels like the Outlook interface you are used to. So no need to use an app or web login that looks and works completely different from desktop computers.

You can also save emails into an Archive folder to reduce email clutter. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools can help you to identify, monitor and protect sensitive business information that may be present on your mail server.

The latest edition of Server Exchange (2013) includes:

  • built-in monitoring and self-healing features to allow the system to automatically recover from failures
  • faster recovery should there be any sort of systems failure
  • easier setup and deployment
  • improved mobile security including pin locks and the ability to wipe data from lost phones.