Antivirus Protection

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Business Antivirus Protection

Businesses and business data are a big target for viruses, spam, phishing scams, malware and increasingly organised and targeted cyber attacks. The large volume of email and electronic documents that businesses deal with also increase the chances of infection.

Given the opportunity, people that uses these various intrusion strategies may steal confidential data that they can use to blackmail you or sell. They may steal and use your banking details. They may attempt to bring down your network for no personal gain whatsoever. An accumulation of viruses could slow down your systems or bring them down completely. 

Antivirus Protection

The Importance of Business Antivirus Protection

The right business antivirus protection can ensure you are kept protected from the latest threats as soon as they are discovered. It can prevent infection and find and remove viruses that may be stored within your data and on various devices that connect to your network including servers, desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

Without antivirus protection your network will be burdened with viruses, they could spread throughout your data possibly causing data loss and system breakdowns, they can even spread to your data backups making it difficult to recover lost data.

Accidentally sending viruses or malware to customers, suppliers, business partners and website visitors can harm your business reputation and your bottom line. It can even result in your website being removed from major search engines and for website visitors to be presented with startling malware warnings when they try and visit your website.

What Enhanced IT Solutions Can Do For You

We can offer you complete business antivirus protection across:

  • typical points of infection like emails and websites
  • endpoint protection on desktops, laptops and mobile devices
  • core protection for servers and other network components

Our technical engineering experts can install and manage a solution suited to the particular threats that apply to your business. We can ensure your business antivirus solution is kept updated so it can detect and remove new threats as they appear.

The right solution for your business will ensure you have the protection you need without excessively consuming system resources and without unnecessarily slowing down your employees’ computer activity.