Managed Print Service

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Managed Print Service

Printing, whether it’s in small or large quantities is an integral part of any business. The need to meet client demands and maintain a consistent service to your clients is an element of your office where having the right equipment can make an enormous difference.

Our experience in printing solutions is second to none, and when paired with their product knowledge and award-winning machines, they can ensure that you’ll get the appropriate device for your work, as well as the service and support you need.

With configurable software and modular hardware, they can provide your office with the best devices which will boost your productivity whilst integrating with the rest of your systems.

Print Managed Service

What's included with Managed Print Service?

Each Managed Print Service package is different for each customer to give them a service which they’ll benefit most from. Below are a list of the services provided.

Print, Copy, Scan, Fax and Email through one device

Remove the need for multiple machines by consolidating each one’s function into one central device. We provide high volume MFP’s (Multifunction Printers) which can handle multiple print jobs at once, accessible by any colleague.

Built in features allow you to scan documents which archive directly into your current data library, or email and fax them to your clients and staff directly from the device.

Save space and reduce energy costs

Remove the clutter by having one device to accommodate all of your printing requirements.

With low power modes and the quickest startup speeds available, the award-winning devices we provide can reduce monthly energy bills at the same time as providing a completely powered up and ready to use device in an instant.

Control printing, never run out of toner

Advanced features and smart software allow you to control printing, allocating colour and monochrome printing allowances to each member of your team which reduces the cost of replacement toner.

In addition, our monitoring software allows us to identify when you reach 25% of your total toner capacity, whereupon we dispatch a replacement immediately for next day delivery. This ensures that you’ll never run out of toner, allowing you to focus on providing your staff and clients what they need.

Uninterrupted Printing

Printing in high volume can sometimes lead to situations where either paper or toner runs out, requiring intervention and costing time.

Our printing solutions overcome this with multiple paper trays, and toner storage options which allow users to replenish both whilst the device is still producing documents.

Secure printing, eliminate mishandled documents

For occasions when documents and files are confidential or sensitive, printing can sometimes be compromising. Scenarios such as documents being retrieved accidentally by another colleague before you’ve reached the printer to collect them can occur too often.

With built-in advanced security features which require a user to either sign on or scan a contactless card against the device, you can guarantee that your documents are only ever collected and handled by the people they need to reach.

MPS Lite

Not ready to replace your existing fleet of printers? Our PRISM (Print Management) software allows us to monitor and maintain your existing fleet of printers, regardless of brand.

Just like with our full Managed Print Solution we’ll eliminate your staff intervention in running the printers and drastically reduce your running costs by providing all maintenance and consumables. Usage reporting and rules based print policies all come as part of the service.