Help With Expansion

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Help With Expansion

As part of our IT Consultancy service we can discuss your developing needs and your current IT infrastructure and help you get from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible with the minimum amount of disruption.

The last thing you want if the business is going well and expanding is unnecessary disruption at such a busy and important time.

Help With Expansion

Identify IT processes

Existing IT systems may not scale up efficiency so new software and hardware may be required to keep your business ticking on a larger scale. Our IT Consultancy can identify IT processes that may not be suitable on a larger scale may include:

  • manual data backups that don’t take place at regular intervals,
  • manual email backup (possibly on to Outlook PST files),
  • Poor practices like emails backed up on to a local machine
  • manually installing and updating required software on to each desktop and mobile device
  • manually patching and updating each network device
  • using spreadsheets to store data that needs to be shared between staff
  • using spreadsheets for CRM and Accounting purposes

These may need to be replaced with services such as:

  • automatic offsite backup
  • hosted exchange
  • automatic email backup
  • centralised IT management
  • centralised Endpoint Security
  • cloud-based software solutions
  • specialised accounting, CRM and industry-specific software
  • multiple software licences

As a larger organisation, you are more likely to come across problems that were less common before, our IT Consultancy Service can make you more aware of these problems. They include staff losing devices that contain confidential data, deliberate attacks on your network, disgruntled staff trying to disrupt your network or departments with unique requirements.

How Our IT Consultancy Can Help

Whatever your current and planned situation Enhanced IT Solutions can provide you with expert analysis and they can help you implement the required changes. Out IT Consultancy can help with:

  • Business Planning and Identification of Requirements
  • Step-by-step Guidance or Hands on Support
  • Project Management to ensure you are ready as soon as you need to be
  • Training for staff on software, hardware and IT management processes