Server Virtualization

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Server Virtualization Services

Virtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organization. Instead of the old one server, one application model, virtualization lets you run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, sharing the resources of the single computer across multiple environments.

Enhanced IT Solutions can help you set up and manage Server Virtualization to suit your business needs and help your company get more from your IT infrastructure with less hardware.

Server Virtualization Services

What We Can Do For You

We can help you identify your software and hardware needs and advise you if Server Virtualization is an appropriate solution for you. We can help you plan, implement and manage a virtualization solution. We can monitor ongoing activity and advise on changes to your Virtualised Servers to improve IT efficiency.

You can run a host of different applications on your virtualized machines including Exchange, web servers, web services, sql databases, and other software. We can even supply and set up the required hardware.

There are a range of different server virtualization software solutions to choose from. We can help you choose and set up the best one for you. Server Virtualization can make it easier for staff to share a piece of software with a singe licence without having to physically swap computers. If your business is involved in software development it can make it easier to test software across multiple platforms or virtual network devices.

Benefits of Server Virtualization Services

Server Virtualization allows you to use a single computer or server to run multiple virtual systems as though they were running on separate machines. Allowing you to run multiple operating systems, software and legacy applications without needing additional computers for each. It can be used to ensure that important applications always have a certain amount of resources dedicated to them.

Server Virtualization Service gives you:

  • The ability to quickly change your infrastructure if need be to adapt quickly to business needs and opportunities
  • Unique disaster recovery options in the case of hardware failure
  • Less hardware to pay for, store, manage and power
  • Less hardware makes your business more environmentally friendly
  • Less hardware to backup.

As a result of having less hardware, you can reduce your energy bill by between 30% and 70%. If you need a new piece of software up and running and none of your devices has the right operating system then Server Virtualization could be the answer. It can also help you to compensate for an IT structure that has become unsuitable, dated or incompatible.